Monday, October 12, 2015

Elect a Permaculturist to City Council in Syracuse, NY

Elect a Permaculturist to City Council in Syracuse, NY and Change the 'Landscape of Politics'

A campaign by Frank Cetera

If this campaign does not reach 100% of its goal, then it will not be funded.
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Hello Permaculture community, thanks for taking the time to read my appeal and consider a donation.  My goal is to get elected to Syracuse City Council and forever start the trend of 'Changing the landscape of politics' in America and beyond.  I could use your help.
Candidates are still tasked (unfortunately) with spending much of their time raising money to run successful campaigns (unless your wealthy like I'm not, or you take special interest PAC and corporation moneys, which I don't as a Green Party member and candidate).
I am a hardworking person, with a full-time public service job, and involvement in numerous extra-curricular community activities (see below), but I don't have the money to do this myself, I must ask the various communities and groups of people and activists I am involved with for a support.
I am trying to be diverse in my fundraising and not relying on any one population of people, therefore, I am setting the goal of this campaign fairly low at only $300 (our total campaign budget is $12,000).  But don't let that stop you from helping me raise more than the $300 goal form the Pc community (we would love to raise up to $15,000 total to really make a big impact in the week or two leading up to Election Day on November 3rd).
Momentum is building - I have received the endorsement of the CSEA Union (Civil Service Employees Association) and they have contributed $300, I have received the endorsement of the Green Party of NY State and they will be contributing a dollar amount yet to be determined, and I have been recognized by the Green Party of the United States national campaign committee as one of the 6 candidates/campaigns to watch and support across the whole country!  (and we expect a $500 support check form them as well).  I'm hoping the Pc community will be a part of this potentially historic moment of electing a People's candidate to City Council in one of the top 5 big cities in NY state.
Frank Cetera lives on Syracuse’s Westside where he’s known to neighbors and colleagues for his ability to accomplish a lot with a little. Frank has a proven record of economic development through his day job as a New York State Senior Small-Business Advisor. As peer-elected Board President at Cooperative Federal Credit Union, Frank is an active promoter of community finance for families and local businesses. Never afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, Frank has lead the transformation of five unused Syracuse green spaces into productive fruit and vegetable gardens. Whether he’s leading snow-shoveling brigades with Westside Walks, securing funding for the neighborhood Adopt-a-trash-can program, or organizing educational events -- Frank is a tireless advocate for community building and cooperation.
Our campaign will focus on policies to reduce and eliminate poverty, and on civic engagement among residents of the 2nd District so that we can organize to win the changes we need.
My Permaculture resume includes the following:
  • 2-year resident steward at Harmony Homestead / Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems at Slippery Rock University of PA, an 83-acre Permaculture and living lab/classroom at Slippery Rock University.
  • Founder of The Alchemical Nursery in Syracuse, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization, which to date has facilitated the transformation of 5 unused lawn green spaces into productive food gardens and landscapes, including the 1/5th acre Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden, and the DISHES Hellstrip Polyculture of which I wrote and published about in the latest issue of Permaculture Design (Activist) Magazine.
  • Founder and developer of the Bitternut Urban Homestead Collective - a rebuilt and renovated 'rustic/Victorian' home which includes a 1/8th acre Permaculture Kitchen Garden, and edible landscaping.
  • Two-time organizer and (one-time) host of the Upstate NY Permaculture Convergence.
  • Two-time attendee at the NE Permaculture Convergence.
  • Educated in Natural Resources Management, including a M.S. in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; and a Masters of Forestry degree from State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY.
  • PDC received from the Hancock Permaculture Center in Hancock, NY with Instructors Andrew Leslie Phillips and Maria Grimaldi.
  • Multiple published articles in the Permaculture Activist magazine (now Permaculture Design), including 'Hellstrip Polycultures' in this Fall 2015 issues themed 'Life On The Edge'.
Please view the video for a montage of photos from my some of political and Permaculture activism work in 2015.
If you believe in acting local, then voting local and supporting local candidates is hopefully a given for you. 
Let's start a trend and elect Permaculturists to office across the United States and beyond, and forever, 'change the landscape of politics'.
We don't have much to offer rewards-wise, but we promise if you send a $10 or more donation to send you a campaign button to wear or to add to your button collection!  And of course every donor will get thanked and recognized for your contribution.

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